Electric Six Underrated as a band?

Electric Six

Danger, Danger – under-appreciated band incoming.

Electric Six is one of the most underrated American bands ever. There we said it. The American group have been accredited with some big hits, including two songs that most people will recognise even if they don’t already know why Electric Six are. Not to forget inspiring a new niche of music and also had games made in their name. So, who is Electric Six, what are their most successful singles, and why have they not been accredited with the recognition they deserve?

Who Are Electric Six?

Electric Six is a six-member rock band formed in Michigan, USA. Their music is rather unique and combines garage with rock and roll, disco and even hints of metal. The group is headed by lead vocalist and songwriter, Dick Valentine, whose real name is Tyler Spencer. The song that put Electric Six on the radar internationally was in 2013. You may have heard of it – Danger! High Voltage! They followed this up with another well-known hit, Gay Bar. Most people who have no idea who Tyler Spenser or Electric Six are will know how to finish the phrases: ‘Danger Danger…’ and ‘I wanna take you to a …’.

What have Electric Six Inspired?

Electric six have inspired a lot of other bands on a new take on merging genres of music. The synthesis of their different music genres pumped together is what makes the unique and maybe why their songs have international recognition, even if the band are perceived as under-appreciated. The band have also influenced Big Time Gaming to create a slot in their name, Danger High Voltage.

Other Notable Achievements include:

  • 14 studio albums
  • A live DVD album
  • Two rarities albums

So, Why Are Electric Six Under-appreciated?

First off, the band is a success, and their string of albums and deals are evidence of that. But why have they not become household names like other American bands such as The Flaming Lips, Green Day, Nirvana (pushing it) or even The White Stripes?

The answer may be because of their unique sounds that push the boundaries on merging music genres. However, the answer to this question may have already been answered by Dick Valentine and his critics. The lead vocalist has stated the lyrics of their songs predominantly mean absolutely nothing. They are simply catchy and stick in listeners’ heads.

Some critics have argued that the band’s music displays macho flippancy and their music revolves too much around sexual behaviours. Just take a look at their music videos to find more evidence of this. Maybe Electric Six was a few decades too early for society as we have since become more liberal?