Elettra Storm – Powerlords Review

Sometimes only a very simple thing is required to make a hell of a change. Get a band which plays a Power Metal inspired by Dragonforce and the likes, get a female vocalist whose hell of voice has lots of personality, and; voilà you got Elettra Storm, a band that is storming the Metal word. Useless to say that Crystal Emiliani’s vocals and figure are the highlight of “Powerlords,” their debut album. By the way, “Sacrifice of Angels” has the taste of Dragonforce’s “Through the Fire and Flames” with female vocals.

Truth be told with “Powerlords” Elettra Storm deliver everything they learned with their predecessors most notably Iron Maiden, Helloween, Dragonforce and more modern bands with female vocals such as Frozen Crown. It’s interesting, though, that album warmer “Higher Than the Stars,” in a general sense, reminds a lot our Metal Queen Doro Pesch. It’s also clear Crystal Emiliani’s vocals brought more melody and emotion to the songs and also made them that ones that the fan sings along without noticing as album’s grand finale “Voices in the Wind.” Instrumentally, no news here. The band is instrumentally very, but very competent as all their peers. I really don’t know if I had ever heard any professional Power Metal that wasn’t capable of making great music in an instrumental sense. Guitar leads are well-placed, the drumming is faster than hell, prominent keyboards, and the bass is there, if you know what I’m saying. In “Voices in the Wind,” for instance, the main guitar riff is so addictive that it will keep in the mind of the fan for a long time after finishing the album.

It’s clear to me that Elettra Storm know the competition is really hard out there. There are so many bands with a similar musical intent, so, the band decided to drop an album full of sonancies that are well-known to power metalers. “Powerlords” is comfortably based on higher grounds. The band doesn’t make any kind of experiments or tries different kinds of sonancy. Just the pure  European driven Power Metal. Never mess with sucess.

Elettra Storm “Powerlords” will be released on February 16th via Scarlet Records.

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