Elusive God – Trapped in a Future Unknown Review

My fan knows that I really like mto pay attention in each detail the bands offer me in the package they send me. I pay attention not only to the music – of course, it is the most important feature – but also to other details as band’s name, album’s tittle, album’s cover, lyrics, and many others depending on what we have here. The things I saw first here were the band’s name and the album’s tittle. To the best of my knowledge, band’s name is the most important thing a band can decide because it has to mean everything from the band. The fan has to look into the nname and understand what the deal of the band is. Too much? Yeah, certainly it is. Album’s tittle has the same meaning but for an album. Most of times just taking a look at the album’s name I can know what it is all about and, sometimes, listen to the music without playing it. Is that even possible? Yes, it is.

Elisive is a word I seldom use even taking the risk of not using it properly. There are words and their meanings that are some kind of shadowed. One understand it but can’t use it properly all the time. Elusive God means something debatable. I don’t think God is elusive. But that’s open to debate and I respect the band’s opinion because I myself used to think this way. More importantly, “Trapped in a Future Unknown” also means a lot because if God is really elusive the future may also be unknown and uncertain. However, the most important characterist of the future is to be unknown and uncertain. The past is known. Some say the future belongs to God, but that’s another talk for another time.

Ok, now let’s talk about the music, shall we?

“Trapped in a Future Unknown” is the kind of album I called deceptive because listening to “Wrath from Above” and “Shadow Beast Devil” both first and second tracks the impression I got was that this album was an Epic Heavy Metal thing. Slow cadence for me isn’t always from Doom Metal bands. In fact, by Elusive T.’s vocals I found some resemblance with Queensrÿche. It was only from them on that I understood I was dealing with a Doom Metal band. By that my dear fan can notice that this is album is no Doom standard at all. It goes beyond it and that’s fantastic. I really liked the guitar work in here. In general, Doom albums don’t have this kind of striking guitars with all the pristine technique one can find here. An album that gets more worthwhile because of them.

Elusive Child “Trapped in a Future Unknown” will be released on May 20th via Rafchild Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Wrath from Above
  2. Shadow, Beast, Devil
  3. Worthless Words
  4. Deception and Greed
  5. Price to Pay
  6. Where is the Sun
  7. Dreaming of Reality

Watch official lyric video: