Ember Belladona – The Grove Review

Ember Belladona is the alter ego of Emma Kramer-Rodger, a solo artist who besides singing plays also the flute. She comments about the use of the flute in her music:

“My goal with my music and with this album is to make the flute the lead within a genre it’s not always heard in. To surprise people with the way this instrument can sound, and how it can fit into metal music in ways you don’t expect. You will hear what sounds like more ‘traditional’ flute playing as well as a much edgier sound throughout the album In certain tracks I use a type of flute called the glissando flute paired with a guitar pedal to give it a completely new sound.”

Truth be told, it’s really the flute which gives her music the final stapler. It’s the thing that makes it stand out from the crowd. So, it’s no news all songs have it. It’s a solution and also a problem because we’re talking about Metal music with its natural aggression and power given by, mainly, the guitars and other traditional instruments. It’s no problem at all to add dissimilar instruments if they don’t spoil the aggression. There is a level of aggression needed on Metal music. That said, maybe the song that fits better into Ember Belladona’s idea and intent is “Spirit Woman” with its guitars and harsh vocals. The flute here works just fine giving the exquisite mood intended. By the way, the song is inspired by the Irish legend of the Dearg-Due, this dark story tells the tale of a woman who was wronged by men in life. After her death she rises from the grave and hunts the people who wronged her and drains their blood. This sounds very cool. Planned to be instrumental, “Unnamed” follows the same idea even though the flutes are more prominent, but the effect from the guitars work fine in metalizing the track. The flutes in “Heart of the Grove” have the same tone as the ones from Black Sabbath’s “Solitude,” one of the most magnificent though strange Black Sabbath’s song.

“The Grove” has a very peculiar intent. Make no mistake we praise these intents, though it lacks the level of aggression Metal music needs. It’s a good experimental album with dissimilar emotions and musical ideas.

Ember Belladona “The Grove” will be released on February 09th.

Track Listing:

  1. Tenelach
  2. Heart of the Grove
  3. The Wild Hunt
  4. Ruination
  5. The Grove
  6. Spirit Woman
  7. Unnamed
  8. Heart of the Grove (instrumental)

Watch “Spirit Woman” official lyric video here: