Empty Friend – Falter

Suppose Led Zeppelin got weird and decided to add some more acid to their music – if it is possible such thing. Now suppose Robert Plant and Jimmy Page saw the future and added to the Zep genorous doses of Sex Pistols on vocals and Rage Against the Machine on instrumentals. You are getting near on what I mean with Empty Friend “Falter.” Not finished yet. This time add some more Alice in Chains and some grunge attitude. Now you nailed it. The music here may have the mood of the seventies plus some nineties, but sounds as fresh as hell. How is this even possible? Well, it is because the true spirit of good music never dies. Once in a while musicians capture it perfectly. Empty Friend did it.

I agree that “Falter” is not easy for the fan who in only into Metal and doesn’t know its basis and background. Especially if the fan doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Blues or Heavy Rock or Psichedelic Rock. Nah, really not an easy task. “No Light,” for instance would mean nothing to them. It would just be one more pastiche of old and wrinkled music from the distant past done by nostalgic fellows who stubbornly play instruments. No, “Falter” isn’t Metal at all, but a metaller may recognize in it most features of Metal, and, may even like it due to its dense and intricate music. Its ruggedness helps a lot too. Even though these days some people are calling this kind of music Stoner Metal or any other name with Metal over it. Ok, I guess. Things change, also do labels. Yeah, Empty Friend are no easy band for real.

I guess the best thing in “Falter” is the ability Empty Friend had to bring up to us the possibility of mixing the old and the new. As I said, this album sounds antique and fresh at the same time. It depends on whom listens to it. Second track “Draw the Line” sounds just like this with its Fuzz pedal – oh, my, how I love the sound of this pedal. It makes the guitar scream as frigging way as it can. 

Empty Friend “Falter” will be self-released on March 30th.

Track Listing:

  1. You Are Not the Sun
  2. Draw the Line
  3. No Light
  4. Neon
  5. Segue
  6. Falter

Watch “Falter” official music video here.