Endolith – Chicxulub (The Fossil Record)

Once in a while we receive some bold releases. I say bold because Endolith had the balls to record an effort of mixing generous doses of Extreme Metal with Modern Metal and high dashes of electronic efects. Yes, I know many bands have done this before and still do, but for me it’s still a surprise. Metal and electronic music certainly don’t fit. There is a huge quarrel between both styles simple because we, heavy metallers, appreciate music done by human beings, not by machines. That’s the biggest issue. So, a Metal band that dares to mix into its music elements of electronic, and which does it naturally as Endolith, do deserve all the credit.

“Chicxulub” – the crater buried under the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico where an asteroid or comet hit and set off the extinction 66 milion years ago. Interesting, huh? – has its finest moments in tracks like the title track, which starts with some effects and turns out to be a Melodic Death Metal piece with some interesting violin interventions. In its nine-minute length, Endolith experiment a lot, and it goes just fine. On the tenth track we have the grand finale of “Chicxulub” with “Earth Died Screaming” – a Tom Waits cover – where there are three different vocals – one of them is female. I dare to say that this traqck represents Endolith’s essence best. It represents best the urge of building layers of sound using electronic effects that contribute with the song, not only to please electronic music fans.

“Chicxulub” is an album for the ones who want a daring album, an album that shows no mercy to all patterns and standards into heavy music.

Endolith “Chicxulub” was released on January 18th via  Rob Mules Records (cool name).

Track Listing:

  1. Grazing Herbivores
  2. Bloodfriends
  3. Nest Scrape Display
  4. Rex
  5. Ichthys
  6. Mount Evidence
  7. Diseasons
  8. KPg Impactor
  9. Chicxulub
  10. Earth Died Screaming

Watch “Ichthys” official music video here: