Enforced – Kill Grid Review

Here’s we’ve got a band that is the limit of what is called Thrash Metal and Death Metal. In fact, it’s possible to time locate the band in the late 1980s and early 1990s when many bands used to have the sonancy we have here with Enforced with “Kill Grid.” However, this definition isn’t so simple to make because there are moments in the album that the band uses other influences. This, of course, is something expected as many bands nowadays are using all the Metal influences they have in order to bring up something really new. The general mood of the  album is Thrash, even though some tracks have many influences of Death Metal and some of them may sound as if they were the early Death of bands as Obituary and Cannibal Corpse. Regarding the Thrash area they are clear influences of Metallica and Slayer and sometimes some Anthrax mostly instrumentalwise. Vocals bounce through the death growls through a harsher near gutural.

Enforced deliver a neat instrumental. It’s fair to say that the instrumental the band delivers is quite more acurate and precise than the Thrash Metal band average. In fact, new Thrash Metal bands are acquiring this taste for some more instrumental prowness in their music. Sign of the times, my dear fan. In terms of Punk Hardcore influence, many bands are leaving behind its simplicity and punch. In exchange vocals are acquiring more roughness and some influences as the warcries are still maintained. This is quite clear in “Kill Grid.” “Hemorrhage,” for instance, shows that mix of Death Metal I told before with a more aggressive vocal and a sharp and tight instrumental. However, Thrash Metal roots aren’t forgotten in tracks as “Blood Ribbon.” For the record, the fan will notice that the lyrical content is also changed a bit in order to get more near Death Metal subjects as the two aforementioned tracks. It’s good to mention that guitar solos follow the Death Metal guide to guitar solos using lots of effects and whammy bars. In the mix, the fan will get delighted by tracks as “Trespasser” that make a comeback to Thrash Metal roots.

To listen to an album as “Kill Grid” make me believe that Thrash Metal is evolving and it’s going fast. The mix Enforced do opens up a new path to the genre making it even more extreme and aggressive. It’s an album that will please both genres fans due to high voltage and carnage the band provides here.

Enforced “Kill Grid” will be released on March 12th via Century Media Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Doctrine
  2. Uxo
  3. Beneath Me
  4. Malignance
  5. Kill Grid
  6. Curtain Fire
  7. Hemorrhage
  8. Blood Ribbon
  9. Trespasser

Watch “Malignance” official video here:

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