Enforcer – Nostalgia Review

I couldn’t think of a better tittle for an album as “Nostalgia” for the kind of music Enforcer are delivering us today. Everything, I said everything, from the iconography to the production was carefully thought to be an echo from the 1980s Heavy Metal which for some it’s the golden age of Metal music. Well, I won’t argue with that because to some extent the 1980s were the golden age. However, this doesn’t mean that good Metal music wasn’t made in the following years because it’s not true at all. I could write the name of many bands and albums that are great examples of Metal music not from the 1980s, but it would only take time and bore my dear child of the night who reads my reviews as “Nostalgia” Enforcer are the subjects of today’s review. Needless to say that Enforcer have been one of the top notch bands from the revival of the NWOBHM since the 2000s. Established in 2004, the band released 8 studio albums, 2 live albums, and one split album with Cauldron so far.

The way I see it, “Nostalgia” is a little far from the NWOBHM labeling as it follows strictly the term it’s inspired on. The album is for sure a trip to the 1980’s Metal music with all the diversity there was back then. So, there is room for ballads as the tittle track “Nostalgia,” tracks inspired on the great, but forgotten Chariot as album opener “Unshackle Me” and many other references as Def Leppard, Dokken, and other Hair Metal bands as vocalist Olof Wikstrand’s tone of voice addresses. Well, unfortunately, this magic charm of sugaring songs to reach a bigger audience doesn’t work anymore as there are no more FM radios, so, it’s fair to think that Enforcer really appreciate this kind of music. Besides all this, there are two tracks that fall out of the box into the trap of going too far from the roots as the intro “Armageddon” and “Keep the Flame Alive” which give a try on some strange rhythm guitars with some funky or disco grip as the latter. The ‘old’ Enforcer, fortunately, is in tracks as “When the Thunder Roars (Crossfire)” or “Coming Alive” whose Speed Metal grip takes the lead.

Balancing I heard everything here I’d say “Nostalgia” is a good with Enforcer trying new sonancies and daring a little more. Good call for the ones who like the new NWOBHM.

P.S.: Still trying to figure out “Metal Supremacía” – yes, in Spanish – as it isn’t the band’s mother tongue nor as far as I know – yes, I did google it -, a homage to bands as Angeles del Infierno, Sangre Azul or Rata Blanca. If someone knows, please help me.

Enforcer “Nostalgia” will be released on May 05th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Armageddon
  2. Unshackle Me
  3. Coming Alive
  4. Heartbeats
  5. Demon
  6. Kiss of Death
  7. Nostalgia
  8. No Tomorrow
  9. At the End of the Rainbow
  10. Metal Supremacía
  11. White Lights in the USA
  12. Keep the Flame Alive
  13. When the Thunder Roars (Crossfire)

Watch “Nostalgia” official music video: