ERDVE Unleash Video For New Single ‘Lavonėmės’

Experimental Sludge outfit ERDVE are now unveiling the brand new song  “Lavondėmės“, which is taken from the band’s upcoming release Savigaila. The album is scheduled for world-wide release on July 23rd, 2021 via Season of Mist. The new single comes with an official music video, so make sure to check it out below.

The band comments on the new album and track: “Lavondėmės‘ in the Lithuanian language is a word describing Livor mortis, also known as hypostasis, which is an accumulation of stagnated blood causing a purplish red skin colour of a deceased body. This song and video is a metaphor for inner stagnation and an overwhelming effort to overcome it. The idea is closely related to the main theme of the album Savigaila which translates as “self-pity”. The visual is portraying a sense of helplesness in a search for meaning through an endless mind clutter. Being obstructed by senseless actions, it is difficult to maintain directional movement and therefore even more difficult to accept responsibility for your own self, being able to create your own meaning to break free from stagnation and therefore achieve happiness

The new offering Savigaila, which translates as “self-pity”, revolves around overcoming the numbness within the great challenges of unsettling reality, and accepting them as they are. Regret, envy, self-regard, love, care and togetherness. From completely understandable to the most unreasonable sense. This idea is turned into melodies, rhythm, and sound by ERDVE on the bands upcoming sophomore album. 

But make no mistake, ERDVE successfully transformed these melodies into a new unnerving experience on how THEY perceive life and with Savigaila, you may find that enjoying life, can be entirely implausible…