EVERY TIME I DIE’s Frontman is now a Minister

It’s not a shock, but it is unusual to very casually scroll through the internet and come across the news that Every Time I Die and The Damned things’ Vocalist, Keith Buckley is officially a Minister. The New York-born musician has updated his fans through social media in a hilarious way.

After a couple of jokes through Twitter, Buckley didn´t hesitate on breaking the news in the least orthodox way possible, saying, and we quote “Eat my pants motherf*ckers, I’m God now you can’t tell me sh*t”. Quite a God-Worthy quote, followed by the photo of the credential, with the caption “Holys**[email protected] if anyone here is serious”.

It’s funny to think that people normally do this kind of things for friend´s weddings and such, but it doesn´t seem that way for Keith, who via Instagram said that his services as a Minister would be available “for a small fee”.

This hilarious update came 2 days after a very successful performance with The Damned Things during the Riot Fest in Chicago. Let’s remember the band dropped their second album, the first since their 4-year hiatus, in last April.

Going back to the funny anecdote about Minister Buckley, we can see the certificate was supplied by the non-denominational Universal Life Church (or ULC). According to the institution’s website, they ordain ministers in order to “Empower people to take control of their own spiritual life.

The ULC also fights for the rights of their ordained ministers to ensure that everyone has the right to religious freedom.” Encouraging them to “Practice their religion in whatever manner they feel most comfortable. So, apparently right now it’s easier and faster to be a minister than to guess the winners of the Super Bowl right in the NFL online betting odds.


With The Damned Things, Keith and bandmates have received Critical Acclaim, first was “Ironiclast”, back in 2010, barely a year after the band was formed, being called a “classic hard rock album”, and having Led Zeppelin as a great influence, according to their guitarist, Fall Out Boy member, Joe Trohman.

The supergroup is an alliance of many popular musicians from different and big projects. The band is formed by Keith Buckley as the lead vocals, the Fall Out Boy members Andy Hurley on the drums and the mentioned Trohman on the guitar, Anthrax’s Scott Ian on the guitar, and finally Dan Andriano member of Alkaline Trio as the bassist.

They released “High Crimes”, this April, and it is a good testament of what kind of sound the band is now trying to establish, with an amazing concoction of sounds. The record gained an 87 out of 100 in Metacritic, topping the success that was “Ironiclast” back in 2010.

With Every Time I Die, a band formed in 1998, Buckley has recorded 8 albums to the date, being an important face of the Metalcore/Hardcore Punk community and movement. The last album they dropped is called “Low Teens”, and it reached the top 100 in many charts, including USA Billboards, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

Low Teens” dropped 3 years ago, on September 2016, is more of a Metalcore based production, and it peaked reaching the No. 1 spot on Billboards, US Vinyl Albums.


The Damned Things will keep rocking around the world for the rest of the year, and there are 3 dates in Australia for next December, as well as one for Buffalo, New York.

Every Time I Die is going to participate in the “Rocks Off Concert Cruise”, a 3 days cruise through the Hudson River, during which the band will be playing their whole album “Hot Damn” (2003). Also, we saw on loudwire that the band had announced their return to the studio, in order to start recording their 9th album, after 3 years of long waiting for their fans.