Evoke – Seeds of Death

This is the typical case of an effort that may raise a lot of confusion and controversy on its labelling and selecting genre. However, one thing is clear “Seeds of Death” is firmly rooted in the early Extreme Metal of the 1980s and that’s why the controversy and confusion. Evoke deal with a sonancy that arose in the middle of the decade firmly rooted on Speed Metal features and some early Black/Death ones. The problem is that their sonancy is before the consolidation and crystalization of both. Back then, this album could be considered a speed blackned Thrash Metal due to the riffing, drumming, vocals and lyrical content. On the other hand, to add some gasoline to the fire, one would classify it as Black Metal as Venom and Possessed were. All right! That put, let’s go to the album, shall we?

Despite the elements of early Black Metal, lyrics and fast drumming, Evoke “Seeds of Death” is more near what is called today Thrash Metal due to its musical content. I mean, in terms of music, what the fan sees here has a Thrash Metal approach. First track “Deadly Revenge” shows a complex and frantic guitar riffing performed at a very high speed with acid and overdriven vocals. “Wrathcurse” also offers a small breakdown in the beginning to remind that this feature was created a long time ago. Amazing are also the drums fillings performed at a high speed and with perfection. I have also to praise the tones that Evoke chose which are very similar to the ones from the 1980s making their music even more real.

What differs a first wave Black Metal band from Thrash Metal bands is the way songs are written. Thrash Metal bands used more complex songwriting as in “Satanic Rebirth” not being ahamed of usign classical music features, for instance. On the other hand, Black metal bands were raw and lo-fi. Their songs were mostly straight ahead and extremely fast with no concessions. Despite, of course, the lyrical content.

Evoke “Seeds of Death” will be released on September 18th via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Deadly Revenge
  2. Seeds of Death
  3. Souls of the Night
  4. Leviathan’s Victory
  5. Wrathcurse
  6. Demons of War
  7. Satanic Rebirth

Watch “Seeds of Death” official video here: