Ex-TESTAMENT Bassist GREG CHRISTIAN On DAVID ELLEFSON: ‘Sometimes There Are Consequences To Doing Stupid S**t’

David Ellefson Greg Christian

Former TESTAMENT bassist Greg Christian has shared his opinion on recent David Ellefson‘s dismissal from MEGADETH.

Christian — who exited TESTAMENT in 2014 — addressed MEGADETH‘s decision to fire Ellefson while responding to questions on Facebook about his possible interest in auditioning for the vacant spot in the Dave Mustaine-fronted band.

“Before anyone else messages me about this … I kinda feel bad for Ellefson about this but sometimes there are consequences to doing stupid sh*t. But whatever that’s their issue not mine,” he wrote on Facebook.

“My issue is: I’m about 99% certain that Dave (M) only wants a bass player that uses a pick. No fingers. In that camp, Dave is the General. He does what he wants and gets what he wants.

“I can play the sh*t out of the bass with my fingers but I’m pretty much useless with a pic,” Greg added. “It is what it is. If it were different, my broke a—s would’ve already reached out to him. C’est La Vie … it’ll be a good gig for someone. And I wish David (E) the best. I think it’s unfortunate things ended up like this (but it’s not unexpected).”

MEGADETH is in a bit of hurry to find a new bassist since their ““The Metal Tour Of The Year” with LAMB OF GOD is scheduled to kick off on Friday, August 20 in Austin, Texas and hit a further 26 cities before wrapping in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on Saturday, October 2. Joining them will be special guests TRIVIUM and IN FLAMES, heralding the long-awaited return to the stage for these bands, who are every bit as excited about these historic and not-to-be-missed shows as fans are.

Tickets and dates for the tour are available at this location.

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