Faithsedge – Bleed for Passion

Marx used to say that history repeats itself as a farse meaning that it’s impossible to have the same facts or events again and again just because there are zillions of uncontrollable variables. When it comes to music, the object of our interest, some bands really try hard to emulate the music of the past. Though some attempts are really honorable, there is always a small detail that unveils them to modernity. It is so because one can really study the past, in this case the music; one study all the details of the music of the past, but the problem is that the present gives so much pressure on us. It’s impossible not to leave just a small, or miniscule, hint of the present. The present efemerous, but it’s strong.

Faithsedge with “Bleed for Passion” is an act based on 1980s so-called light Metal, or hard rock, as many prefer. The best example as sonance I got is 1980’s Kiss with “Hot in the Shade” or “Asylum.” It’s not perfect, but it serves right for an orientation. Sometimes “Bleed for Passion” is heavy as steel; sometimes it’s light as a feather; sometimes as modern alternative rock from the 1990s. Faithsedge are a great sample of American Heavy Metal, – or like they said,  Hair Metal – that used to be played on FM radio stations. The funny thing is that kind of music was so beaten and slammed back then that I would never think that it would made a comeback. Yeah, time is like a wheel. It’s always rolling and rolling. Ironically, it was renamed as Melodic Hard Rock, as of letting go the bad name.

Well, I was one of the fans of this kind of music in the 1980s, early 1990s. I confess it to you. I have no shame. So, it’s kind of fun to listen to some Hair Metal again – no effemerous renaming. “Bleed for Passion” is exciting and vibrating as all good samples of the time they are trying to emulate, or honor. Songs are short, but well-planned. Of course, musicians are great as well as their peers from the past. And that’s one of the things that attracted me most in it because Extreme Metal wasn’t a great example of great musicians. At least in the beginning.

Have a great comeback from Hair Metal with Faithsedge with “Bleed for Passion.”

Faithsedge “Bleed for Passion” was realesed on July 26th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Back from This
  2. Angelic
  3. Acceptance
  4. Through the Scars
  5. I Know I Need to Let You Go
  6. Girl When
  7. Sky
  8. I’ve Changed
  9. Bleeding with the Memories
  10. Reflecting a Voice

Watch “Angelic” official video here: