Feign – Atlas

Atlas_album_cover  One man bands have always been one of those wild cards among the metal community along with super groups. I mean that in a way that they can really go either way with some being s**tty and others being a magnificent thing no one saw coming. Feign is of the latter for one man bands. This man has never put out a full length album with only two phenomenal demos to his name, but “Atlas” marks his debut record, and it’s a marvelous one at that. Just from the cover art alone you can just about tell instantly that this is an atmospheric black metal album, but this is so much more than that. Weaving in and out of this ten track record are strands of death metal, primary showing in the vocals, that add a little bit of spice and variety to the mix of “Atlas” to make it an intense experience in its most hardcore moments, and stunningly beautiful in its more serene moments. I’m not pulling your leg, either. Feign has somehow managed to become one of those select bands that have perfected the balancing of sheer intensity mixed with astronomic bewilderment as if you were floating through a supernova with a myriad of colors and forms only to be blown to oblivion by a galactic sized explosion that’s still as beautiful as it is violent. “Atlas” really bends the mind if you haven’t been able to tell already, and I’ll remind you this is coming from the mind of one man. And mix all that with transcending melodies created by f*cking ridiculous vocals, astounding guitars, bass, and drums, and then the occasional showing of additional pieces such as a piano and what you’ve got is what I can safely call one of the most well done albums of its genre that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing all year. Feign has always hinted at the capability of being able to do something great, and now that has come to full fruition with “Atlas”, and I’ve nothing but faith that this record will be what finally gets this man on the map and the proper following that he so rightfully deserves.

“Atlas” releases on July 29th! You can purchase the single “Lunarity” on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Starstrum
  2. Into the Celestial Nothingness
  3. …A Visitor
  4. Haven In the Sky
  5. Lunarity
  6. When the World Ends
  7. Deathwisher
  8. Stargazer
  9. Atlas
  10. Souls Whisper (demo)