Feral-Crawl – Made as Those Who Are No Longer Alive

First of all, this album tittle is really awesome. “Made as Those Who Are No Longer Alive” is really a tittle that invites the Metal fan to think and wonder about what the bands are saying. Yeah, bands because this is a split EP. In fact, Feral and Crawl have many things in common. It takes a while to distinguish one from another as both bands use very low tuning in the guitars. Crawl’s is a little lower than Feral if my dear fan pays close attention. Second of all, both bands wrote very short songs as the album is no more than minutes long. Feral wrote the longer songs. Longer is a matter of speaking because their songs don’t have more than three minutes. Crawl’s are even shorter being almost a Grindcore band. I said almost because I don’t think they are Grindcore even though the band has many Grindcore’s features.

“Made as Those Who Are No Longer Alive” is an album of fast emotions in all senses. Because of this it’s also an album which the fan has to pay lots of attention to the details. As I said before the bands have many things in common in their sonancy. The album is a great appetizer for their full lenghts which, I guess, are coming soon. Feral are a bit more technical even though both bands have a very raw approach. Crawl have a more Hardcore approach even though I guess that’s not their intent. From where I’m standing it’s the way they like to do their music. Both bands overtones give them that very dirty feeling of guitars so near the edge that we feel they are almost exploding their amps. This overtone is very appreciated.

An album to listen fast. Ten minutes and it’s done. Rawer than this only a split of two or more Grindcore bands.

Feral-Crawl “Made as Those Who Are No Longer Alive” will be released on September 22nd via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1.  Feral – From the Ancient Tombs
  2. Feral – Released from the Bondage of the Earth
  3. Crawl – Where the Dead Flesh Whispers
  4. Crawl – Vanity

Watch Feral “From the Ancient Tombs” and Crawl “Where the Dead Flesh Whispers” official lyric videos