Forfeit Thee Untrue – Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam

FTU Cover iTunes  With all the many, many different types of metal that there are out there in the world everyone always has a few that they don’t prefer more than others. One such for me is Christian metal because in my experience it’s been. . . not so great. Many bands just use the term of Christian metal to sound different much like how deathcore bands try to pass themselves off as “progressive death metal”, but one band that truly fits into this genre is Forfeit Thee Untrue as their upcoming album “Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam” is an album that is so many things at once but is undoubtedly best described as Christian metal. The outer shell of this album definitely has a religious theme about it (whether it’s a positive or negative one I don’t know or care) and on the inside is a whole bunch of s**t where after a while you can definitely see the influence of bands like Killswitch Engage in the vocals department in particular and Slipknot everywhere else, which makes for an interesting combination and what sounds like a mess at first but Forfeit Thee Untrue makes it work. What can at some point sound like a mess of a band trying to be too ambitious, these guys achieve a sound and feel throughout the entire album that doesn’t allow the listener to get bored with a stale style or a sound that’s been reused over and over again in each song. Instead, each song brings a little something new to keep things interesting and make “Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam” a constantly entertaining album that anyone can agree is pulled off quite well. Overall, Forfeit Thee Untrue has created a record that in its essence is so much and manages to bring an energy that I can only give a thumbs up to because they have achieved a lot with this album in terms of sound and style, and I’m more than interested in seeing what these guys can do with future albums because they’ve definitely set the bar very high with this record.

“Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam” releases on April 1st, and you can listen to the single “Cradle in Black Arms” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Let There Be Light
  2. The Mirror That Hates
  3. Seven (Part I)
  4. Fractured God
  5. Sermon of a Dying Atheist
  6. Burning of the Last Bible
  7. Lucifer’s Lullaby
  8. As the Wicked Wander
  9. Cradled in Black Arms
  10. The Dagger Held By Mary
  11. Black & White (In a World of Grey)
  12. Seven (Part II)
  13. As the Wicked Wander (Alternate Version)
  14. Black & White (In a World of Grey) (Alternative Version)