Former OZZY Guitarist JAKE E. LEE On SHARON OSBOURNE: ‘She Can Be So Vindictive’

Jake E Lee Sharon Osbourne

In a new interview with Brave Words, former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee — who was a member of the fold from 1982 to 1987, performing on 1983’s Bark at the Moon and 1986’s The Ultimate Sin — looked back on his time in the band.

Asked why Ozzy rarely plays songs from those records live and if he is happy with them, Lee responded: “Yeah, I was happy with them. I do agree with him that maybe The Ultimate Sin should be remixed because it was a bit of a poppy mix at the time and he wanted to increase his fan base at the time.

“[Producer Ron Nevison] gave it more of a poppy thing, but it’s a heavy record, so I think it should be remixed,” he continued. “Let’s have an alternate mix of that. I would hope he’d invite me to it.”

When interviewer said “just hope that Sharon keeps your guitar on there!”, Lee added: “SharonSharon can be so vindictive. Why be that way? I don’t understand it. It seems like it takes a lot of energy. She spends a lot of energy to be mad and to get back at people who she thinks have wronged her or Ozzy.”

Then interviewer noted that she wanted to be more of a tyrant than her father Don Arden, who managed BLACK SABBATH.

“Well, that’s a hard job to do, from what I’ve heard. She’s told me stories about him. He was a scary guy,” Lee said. But yeah, she has done good, but she takes it a little too personally and takes it a little too far sometimes. She has a problem with me and I have no problem with her.”

He also spoke about the possibility of playing with Ozzy again: “It would be fun. It would be fun to play with Ozzy again. It would be fun to do another record with him. But Zakk [Wylde] did some good sh*t too.