Former OZZY’s Guitarist BERNIE TORMÉ Has Been Hospitalized With Double Pneumonia

Guitarist Bernie Tormé had a quick pass through Ozzy’s band in the 1980’s soon after Randy Rhoads passed away, but soon parted aways. He’s 66 years old and worked with Ian Gillan, Atomic Rooster besides a well-established solo career.

The post on his social media reads:

Bernie Tormé is extremely ill in intensive care with virulent double pneumonia. We ask for your prayers.”

Ozzy talked about him to Roling Stone in one occasion:

“I haven’t seen him for a f**king thousand years. Someone told me he was outside my dressing room. I went, ‘No.’ He said, ‘I’ll never forget the time I played with you, Ozzy. It was a lot of fun.’ I couldn’t remember what he looks like. It had been that long.”

Watch Bernie and Ozzy perform “Flying High Again” here: