FRANCIS ROBERTS Releases Cover Of HAUNT’s ‘Frozen In Time’

Francis Roberts (Old Man Wizard, King Gorm) has just released a reimagined cover of “Frozen In Time”, originally by California heavy metallers HAUNT. Roberts’ version has been reworked to focus on vintage synths and lush orchestral arrangements which underpin his soaring vocal delivery. Roberts has also released an atmospheric music video to accompany the music. Listen to the cover version of “Frozen In Time” below.

Clearly taking delight in the creative process, Roberts commented: –
I’m spending a lot of time lately making music with orchestra samples and synthesizers, and I’ve been really happy with the way things are turning out. This was really fun for me to do because it was requested by a bunch of HAUNT fans after a video of me covering another song ended up in a fan page on Facebook. Trevor from Haunt was nice enough to give me permission to sell the recording on Bandcamp (even though I got a line of lyrics wrong in the chorus – haha!)

I decided I’d try making a classic style music video for this one. This is my first attempt at recreating this “look” (which I don’t really understand, but other people seem to like it? so I don’t actually know if I did a good job haha, pls let me know).

I produced this arrangement using a wide variety of samples in Kontakt, sequencing my Minimoog Model D, and playing my Mellotron. In an arrangement like this, I get pretty feverishly “in the zone” and I’m not actually sure what parts I played and what parts I sequenced. I definitely sang it!