Fredrik Andersson

Drummer Fredrik Andersson once again took on social media to explain his departure with AMON AMARTH.

His full statement can be read below. 

Ok, on popular demand and to erase at least one question mark; this is what got me fired from Amon Amarth.

On the last tour I did, in Madrid, Spain. In the dressing room after the show I was told I had to stop doing these stick tricks.
I did them 2-3 times during the set, and I’ll admit, they didn’t always succeed. In fact, probably most of the times I didn’t catch it.
Well, they said I had to stop cause they could get hit if it flew to the front of stage (sometimes, but very rarely it did)
I said, ok really? But has it happened that you ever got hit?
-No, but it could happen. It would hurt and we’d look stupid.
Me again; but the odds of that happening is like really small…
-Well you can keep doing it. But if I get hit by one of your drum sticks I’ll come up and poke your eye out with it.

That’s when I realised I couldn’t take anymore of their sh*t. 
Sure I can understand it’d hurt if you did get hit by one, but come on, boo f*cking hoo. Man up, it’s not like I was trying to hit them.
I was just trying to do a cool show for the crowd.

Andersson publicly first time spoke about his departure in June this year when he shared long statement explaining his departure from the group. That statement can be read here.