From Ashes Reborn – Existence Exiled

I can’t think of a better musical subgenre to express life itself as melodic death metal. I’ll go further because each musical element in it plays the role of a fact of life. In a melodic death metal song we’ve got all kinds of human emotion. There you get altogether anger, wrath, aggression, care, melody, happiness, and joy. Melodic death metal feels like a tormented soul that found its way back. For the complexity of life, melodic death metal is also very complex.

And what can we tell about a band that is called From Ashes Reborn with an album named “Existence Exiled”? Pure poetry, isn’t it? Not that cheesy poetry, but a robust and vigorous one only Metal can offer us. The way melodic guitar licks are put into songs break all the musical violence within. It’s the contrast with the harsh, sometimes shrieking voice with those melodic licks that makes melodic death metal so attractive to most. What about a song called “The Essence Of Emptiness”? Can it get more humane? Life’s full of it. Can we avoid this feeling of emptiness that is around us? I guess not. On second thought, my guess is that “Existence Exiled” was written to redeemed souls. Those souls who are still seeking for the light, though they have abandoned evil.

From the beginning of “Existence Exiled,” From Ashes Reborn show us all they’ve got. A complex songwriting to pass lots of anger and anguish which is often broken by simple melodic guitar licks. “The Onerous Truth” is full of those feelings. The following “Fight for the Light” has a faster pace and lots of harmonizing guitars. Guitar interventions are very well-built as in all “Existence Exiled” album. Drumming is also a highlight due to the creativity  drummer Thomas imposes to his instrument. It’s not the usual pounding and slamming. Blast beats are very welcomed in “Existence Exiled.

Some people are saying that melodic death metal has done enough. I don’t agree with them in any way. Bands like From Ashes Reborn prove that it go further.

From Ashes Reborn “Existence Exiled” was released in May 01st.

Track Listing:

  1. The Onerous Truth
  2. Fight for the Light
  3. Follow the Rising
  4. The Essence Of Emptiness
  5. Infected
  6. Existence Exiled
  7. Homicidial Rampage
  8. Splendid Path

Watch “Fight for the Light” official video here: