GENE SIMMONS Thinks JOE BIDEN Is Too Old To Run Again For U.S. President

Gene Simmons Joe Biden

On an episode of “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Gene Simmons, the bassist and vocalist of KISS, and Jerry Springer, a former talk show host and politician, engaged in a discussion about Joe Biden‘s age and his eligibility to contest for the U.S. presidency again.

On the day of his inauguration, Biden became the president with the highest age, currently 80 years old. In case he is re-elected, he will be 82 when starting his second term, and 86 when completing it.

During an interview, Simmons was asked about whether or not Biden‘s age should prevent him from running for president again, to which he responded: “No, I don’t think so. And that doesn’t mean that I agree or don’t agree with the politics. Politics aside, there should be a test to find out if somebody has their wits about them, number one.

“You’re talking about the most powerful person on Earth. And also to find out whether or not somebody is absolutely nuts. There should be a qualification, a medical qualification and psychological qualification that somebody in charge isn’t just going to go nuts and go like that or fall down the stairs when they try to go up on Air Force One.”

According to Simmons, the current trend in public voting is to prioritize personality over policies, which might lead to hesitation in supporting Biden due to his age. Gene suggests that the public should focus on the best candidate rather than their personality.

“Look, let’s call it for what it is. I’m on both sides of the fence about all sorts of political issues, so you can’t call me a rabid Democrat or conservative or liberal or any of that. I’m everybody’s worst enemy ’cause I simply vote on the issues. But let’s call it the way it is. The masses, I don’t believe for a second, vote on political platform. They wouldn’t be able to explain to you anything. It is invariably and intrinsically, and other big words like gymnasium, the cult of personality. When people saw Nixon with his five o’clock shadow before any of you were born — it was a TV debate between Kennedy and Nixon — and he had the five o’clock shadow. Nobody remembers what they stood for or who was a Democrat; they just didn’t like that guy who looked like Uncle Joe who’s drinking a little too much.

“So when people watch [DonaldTrump, who we both know, they have their perception, and when people watch Mr. Biden, and we’ve all seen him on TV and stuff, unfortunately, sometimes turning around to shake hands with people who aren’t there or mumbling words. That doesn’t mean I agree or don’t agree with the politics. People will judge this following political battle based on personality. I have not met regular people who’ve been able to explain to me what the different political platforms are. So I believe Mr. Biden is in deep trouble [if he runs again].”

“I just wanna say one one last thing very quickly. If I was on the other side, Mr. Trump‘s side — and I may not be, actually; I have lots of problems with him — somebody is gonna put together a greatest hits of Mr. Biden falling off bicycles, falling on the stairs, and not even talk about politics — not even talk about politics. And that person will win.”