GHOST’s TOBIAS FORGE: ‘I Think That JUDAS PRIEST Writes Pop Music’

GHOST mastermind Tobias Forge talked about his musical preferences, telling Heavy1 when asked if he’s a fan of the ’80s music: “I am a big fan of what most people would regard as ‘well-written’ music. I like music that moves me and makes me feel things and, more than often, it’s music that falls within a certain sort of pattern. But that could be anything from FLEETWOOD MAC to VENOM.

“Yes, I do appreciate a song that has a little bit of a standardized sort of dramaturgical pattern, but I think pop music – I think that JUDAS PRIEST writes pop music. They have a very pop sensibility to their music. PINK FLOYD is also catchy, even though the songs are way longer.

“I think if you draw comparisons to film – yes, it’s easy to dismiss a majority of half-hearted films as predictable just because it has an easily foreseen, very premeditated storyline because it falls into a certain dramaturgical structure.

“But I promise you, if we sit down and take films that are being regarded as high in culture because they’re different, they also follow the same dramaturgical structure because there’s something in our psyche that feels better absorbing something if it’s done in a certain a way.

“Kind of like if you’re serving a dish. It needs a certain amount of salt and shouldn’t contain excrement in order for it to be tasting well.”

Asked whether he’d ever add a female to the GHOST clergy, Tobias replied: “We already have Sister Imperator. I think it’s very important for life and society itself, but if we’re focusing in rock, I think it’s very important to not only acknowledge, but also to rejoice in the fact rock and roll is based on both genders.

“I think that oftentimes, especially in metal it has a tendency to be a little bit disregarding of that fact. Nowadays, what you’ll see when we start playing live again is there’s going to be a little bit more of a unisex band.

“We have a few girls in the band. That makes life and the show so much better to have that dynamic.”