Go Ahead and Die – Unhealthy Mechanisms Review

The band Go Ahead and Die is a kind of alter ego of Max Cavalera. It seems to me that the music he makes in the band is the one he would like in his dreams with no boundaries or anything to hold it back or strings attached. The burning question here is if the music in here is some kind of Sepultura’s shadow. Well, I’d say yes to this question. “Unhealthy Mechanisms” showcases this very clearly. My guess is that “Unhealthy Mechanisms” is the album Max would have recorded if he had stayed with the guys. Too much? Well, maybe. Maybe not. This is no hard science, remember? However, it’s pretty hard to listen to a song as “Chasm” and not remember Sepultura. Really impossible. Of course, I don’t mean the band doesn’t have a personality. It does, but it’s linked to the good old times with some slants of modern Death Metal.

“Unhealthy Mechanisms” is as primal as album opener “Desert Carnage” reveals. It’s raw with great doses of Hardcore, a style that Max loves. By the way, there are lots of Hardcore influences in the album. The song is almost anthemic as Sepultura’s best used to be. To some extent, its initial moments kind of remind the initial moments of Bestial Devastion’s “The Curse.” The same insane intensity. It makes my child of the night headbang large. “Cyber Slavery” has that same anthemic mood with its straight ahead guitars riffings almost like the ones found in “Arise.” Well, from where I’m sitting the song has a lot of “Arise” era. On second thought, all the album has. Following track “Blast Zone” tells exactly this tale. There are tracks as grand finale and tittle track “Unhealthy Mechanisms” which add lots of and lots of guitar layers as modern Death Metal does. It’s the track with the most time and cadence changes. It really stands out from the album in every way.

If my dear fan likes intensity and ultrahigh doses of adrenaline of the 1980’s with some slants of modern Death Metal “Unhealthy Mechanisms” is the album. If you are a hardcore Sepultura’s fan who believe the band was best with Max “Unhealthy Mechanisms” is also the album. It’s take it or leave it.

Go Ahead and Die “Unhealthy Mechanisms” will be released on October 20th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Desert Carnage
  2. Split Scalp
  3. Tumors
  4. Drug-O-Cop
  5. No Easy Way Out
  6. M.D.A. (Most Dangerous Animal)
  7. Chasm
  8. Cyber Slavery
  9. Blast Zone
  10. Unhealthy Mechanisms

Watch “Desert Carnage” official animated lyric video here: