Grannies Go Death Metal In New Liquid Death Commercial

Liquid Death Death Metal Commercial

Liquid Death is introducing a variety of canned iced tea drinks, and they have created a promotional ad with it that shows several elderly ladies engaging in activities like playing death metal music and other mischievous acts.

This is a reworking of a classic ‘Monty Python’ skit, but with a contemporary nod. Particular aspects will certainly be recognizable for aficionados of ‘Jackass’, and that is not by chance as the commercial was directed by Jeff Tremaine, who is known for his work on Jackass.

In 2022, Liquid Death recently enlisted GRUESOME drummer Gus Rios to take the negative reviews found on their social media and turn them into a song called “Go Out Of Business.” The track was included on their compilation album called “Greatest Hates” that was released in 2020.