Gravdal – Kadaverin

In the dawn of black metal times, bands were in a quest for the speed of light. Since the quest was won by grindcore masters Napalm Death’s “Scum,” bands had to foind another reason to live. And that was slowing down the tempo, bringing some more melody, and some unusual instruments to black metal music. And I guess that fits better them. That said, I swear I’ve never heard a band like Gravdal. I’ve said that a lot times before that I’m really impressed with black metal bands are doing these days. The atmosphere of fear, despair, grief, and hollow that “Kadaverin” features us is unpeakable. “Kadaverin” gives you the creeps. I am picturing hearing “Kadaverin” in a gig with the lights out…

As a matter of fact, each one of the nine tracks of “Kadaverin” is a grateful surprise. Gravdal deal well with impressive changes of tempo and cadence, and adding unexpected vocals and instruments as in the title track. The chord structures in it makes you think they are out of tune. It’s only an impression. Maybe it’s the use of minor chords, or other than major ones. Not to mention Gravdal’s ability to add common, and even lite guitar riffs to enhance their music. Gravdal is a surprising band. “Vi som ser i morket” changes so much that is difficult to keep up with. But the outcome is disturbing. Another piece of pure evil beauty. Other songs like “Eklipse” are timid, shy, of a hidden beauty that worries. “Eklipse” worries because it twistes all the rules about black metal songs, not me I have to mention. But fear not hardcore black metal fans! The following track, “Roten til all ondskap,” and “Inni menneskedyret” keep the faith as a rotten piece of flash. Besides that, who said fingered guitars are for ballads? Nah, not for Gravdal. They are meant to make songs darker. “Nar noen tar farvel” could easily be part of an ELP album, by the way.

Gravdal’s “Kadaverin” is of a disturbing beauty. “Kadaverin” obliges us to rethink all our standards, and that’s the beauty in it. Different is good!

Track Listing:

  1. Kadaverin
  2. Apostler av doden
  3. Dans med livet dans med doden
  4. Arkaisk kamp angrip
  5. Vi som ser i morket
  6. Eklipse
  7. Roten til all ondskap
  8. Inni menneskedyret
  9. Nar noen tar farvel

Gravdal’s “Kadaverin” will be issued on August 11th via Soulseller Records.

Watch “Selvmord” video here: