Gravewards – Subconscious Lobotomy

A raw, brutal, hypnotic, and straight ahead death metal is what Gravewards’s “Subconscious Lobotomy” feature us. And I’ll add honest. Honest because it’s implicit here that Gravewards did exactly the kind of music they like. And we must respect that. Each one of the four-tracked album is a kind of overwhelming wall of sound that acts like a blast. And I suggest going straight ahead to “Deathwomb Incubation” if that’s you’re found of – some serious sonic knock out. If it were a heavyweight boxing fight, Gravewards would be Mike Tyson due to the tremendous and merciless punching “Subconscious Lobotomy” represents.

I gotta say “Crawling Chaos” made me remember Hallow’s Eve “Death And Insanity” chorus. Serious compliments here, guys. The intro to “Casket Entrapment” was something that could make you think otherwise, but there was some big pounding going on, and I mean real big. That echoing guitar is an effect that very few can do properly. The slow tempo at the beginning may diverge some unadvised listener, but “Casket Entrapment” is so good to the point of being annoying. Not to mention the howling  and roring vocal parts that kind of advise us that’s more punishment is yet to come if you turn “Subconscious Lobotomy” off. Maybe some casket entrapment to you. I really don’t Hallow’s Eve is a valid influence to Gravewards, but that title track “Subconscious Lobotomy” made me remember them, sure it did. I guess that’s also because of the galloping guitar at the end of it.

“Subconscious Lobotomy” was really a very good effort. We’re looking forward for some more.

Track Listing:

  1. Casket Entrapment
  2. Subconscious Lobotomy
  3. Crawling Chaos
  4. Deathwomb Incubation