Great Ideas for Naming Your Metal Album

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Are you struggling with naming your new metal album? Then this article is for you. If you need inspiration, here are some suggestions that will hopefully spark your imagination.

Sometimes all your need is a spark to light your imaginative fire going. If you’re stuck in the process of naming your new album, these suggestions might help you. Looking at what other artists have done is a great way to get inspired to do your own thing.

Below you’ll find some suggestions that have worked for artists previously. If you’re looking for further inspiration, you can always use the name generator at

1. Use one of the songs from the album

The first suggestion is a real classic. You can name your album after one of the songs on the album. Consider which one of your new songs represents the theme and/or tone of your album the best. This is probably the right choice. If you feel like one of the songs just has a crazy or wild name, you can go with that. Deliberate randomness is a thing.

2. Name it after yourself

Many artists have done this before you; named their album after themselves. This can be a way to signalize that this album is a manifestation of you as a band. Your identity and voice. Or it can also be a way to signalize that you were just out of good, qualified album names. Either way, this has worked for many artists before you.

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3. Use lyrics from the album

Do you have some lyrics from one of your songs that just sounds cool or maybe something that represents the vibe or theme of the album? Then these lyrics could be an ideal title for your album? You can also look at the songs that never made the album, maybe there are some lyrics there that’ll be perfect as an album title.

4. What is the theme of the album?

If you want to come up with a name that doesn’t appear in any of the songs, think about the themes of your album. It is always a good idea to brainstorm themes and look for words or sentences that relate to the themes. The title of an album is a great way to strike the tone. You want your audience to be inspired to listen to your album just from hearing the title.

A good way to get inspired is to get some insight into other artists’ processes with their albums from reading interviews with other metal artists.

5. Something that inspired the album

The last suggestion is to name your album after something or someone who inspired the album. Make a list of your inspirations and see if there’s something there that could make for a cool name. This is a great way to find a unique name that always expresses something about the process of making the album. You can also find inspiration in titles of the best albums of all time.