GRETA VAN FLEET Is A Movement, A Peaceful Reaction To Tyranny, Oppression, Classicism And Racism, Says Singer

Greta Van Fleet

In a recent interview with Louder Sound, GRETA VAN FLEET singer Josh Kiszka talked about the band’s goals and vision, while also addressing those who call the group “saviors of rock.”

When asked if it’s a heavy burden to wear with people calling them “saviors of rock,” he responded:

“Yes, it is. But somebody’s got to do it. If we’ve been given an opportunity, I don’t see why we wouldn’t take it. We’re just as sick of manufactured bullsh*t as everybody. We want to hear real music.

“Maybe we can inspire enough people to pick up real instruments and make real music from a real place.”

On whether or not they are rising to the challenge:

“[Emphatically] Yes. … I like to think that we’re wielding a different torch, offering something different to what others have to offer at this time. I feel at this point that we’re the right people to be doing it.”