Haiduk – Diabolica Review

Some albums come with a story. This Haiduk “Diabolica” came with one because it was an album that I almost decided not to review. I’ll elaborate. As a matter of organization, I like to save my files in folders in my computer because this helps me to organize the release dates better and more efficiently – when you receive tons of albums almost daily you’ll know what I’m saying. Due to that I prefer to receive MP3 or Wave files because they are ease to file in folders. It means that I generally pass albums that I receive with YouTube or Bandcamp links as it’s impossible to file them in the release date order. So, I received I don’t how many e-mails offering me this album, but all of them were a link to YouTube. Then, I was suggested to listen to the album and to decide if I were to review it or not. Oh, boy! Do you know regret, my dear child of the night? “Diabolica” is one of the best Black metal albums I’ve heard in a while. It’s a blast of the Old School and the New Wave of Black Metal. An album that I’m sure my dear child of night won’t regret either not to listen.

Ok then, what’s so good about “Diabolica”?

Haiduk combine as hello – no pun intended – old school features, most importantly vocals with the New Wave of Black Metal instrumentals, I mean mostly guitars. Dissonances, exquisite scales and mesmerizing guitar riffings are welcome. There is something of bestial of the instrumentals in a track like “Swarm.” I have to say that bass lines are also intriguing because they are a bit out the box. I mean, they don’t only give the pulsation the colaborate to increase the heavyness and the mood of the songs by avoiding the lower tones as usual. How abvout the vocals? They are Old School as hell – no pun intended again. Low, harsh, angry, and dark. That’s what my fan will notice while listening to “Diabolica.” Vocals that really sound out of this world. Hard to find only a track to mention. They are all so great and  so consistent. Black Metal that really deserves the name Black Metal. Evil music to the bones.

Luka Milojica is the mastermind of this solo project who plays all instruments (guitars, vocals, drum programming) and does also the recording, mixing, mastering and the artwork. Wow! Not an easy task, my dear child of the night. Not with this quality. Of course, we do like fine production skills and grand music, but raw and tight are thinks that we all metallers appreciate and cherish.

Haiduk “Diabolica” was released on September 21st via Haiduk Music Inc..

Track Listing:

  1. Corpse Crown
  2. Swarm
  3. Upheaval
  4. Encirclement
  5. Wraithavoc
  6. Cyclone
  7. Ballista
  8. Abyss Mage
  9. Morph
  10. Infernal
  11. Sea of Fire

Watch “Swarm” official video here: