Heads for the Dead – In the Absence of Faith Review

Heads For The Dead In The Absence Of Faith

One thing I admire on bands like Heads for the Dead is their ability to reinvent themselves album after album. “In the Absence of Faith” has a completely difference grip from the previous 2021’s “Into the Red” reviewed here. “In the Absence of Faith” is so different from “Into the Red” in many ways. As my dear chid of the night might know Heads for the Dead are an international supergroup with Jonny Pettersson (WombbathGods ForsakenHenry Kane) behind the music and Ralf Hauber (Revel In Flesh) on vocals which are the hardcore members of the band. In this album there are two special guests Jon Rudin on drums – not so special guest – and Matt Moliti on the lead guitar which are the flexible members if the band. Going on the opposite direction of their supergroup peers, the band has been having a steady production since their formation in 2017. This album goes again on the opposite direction as it adds more elements of Melodic Death Metal. “In the Absence of Faith” isn’t Melodic Death Metal, but it does flirt with it. At least the instrumentals.

As I said before, “In the Absence of Faith” is the band’s album that flirts more with Melodic Death Metal. All five tracks are of a lively enthusiasm with frentic moments. Tittle track and album opener “In the Absence of Faith” is undoubtedly live and warm with its astonishing guitar riffs and solos. I don’t know if Matt Moliti is going to be around more, but I guess he should. His contributions on the creativity process are really something to rely on. Following track “Taste of Terror” is  little more moody with its terror and pain moments given by the guitars most of the times with their eerie interventions. Vocals here are a kind of a narrator of the terror story the band tells as it gos slowly and firmly around it. Same happens with the vocals of “The God Forsaken” where the voice again goes as a narrator letting the instrumentals give the tone of the story. “Self-Immolation in Fire” commences almost martial with an epic drumming which is replaced soon by a hard and tight almost Hardcore pounding. Here and there are ethereal effects that reminds that we are with a terror driven band which likes to tell horror stories. By the end, the guitars go in an incredible fuzz that addresses a little to Free Jazz. My dear child of the night isn’t allowed to miss it.

“In the Absence of Faith” isn’t fast as hell, there are not many blast beats, but it’s heavy, very heavy. There moments as in “The God Forsaken” that the fan might think all hell’s breaking loose, but the tracks get back to their slow and steady pace with beastial guitar interventions. From where I’m standing, this album is one of the best albums Heads for the Dead have given us for some time. “In the Absence of Faith” is the kind of EP that makes us wish it were a full-length.

Heads for the Dead “In the Absence of Faith” will be released on September 01st via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Heart of Darkness
  2. Taste of Terror
  3. The God Forsaken
  4. Self-Immolation in Fire
  5. Possession

Watch “Self-Immolation in Fire” official music video here: