HELLFEST Director Sentenced To Eight Months Of Suspended Prison For ‘Breach Of Trust’

Hellfest 2017

In a recent court ruling, Ben Barbaud, the co-founder and director of the Hellfest festival, has been handed an eight-month suspended prison sentence and fined 20,000 euros for his involvement in embezzling 300,000 euros.

The decision, which was reached on April 19 by the court of La Roche-sur-Yon in Vendée, follows an investigation that spanned several months. The revelations came to light after a report from Tracfin, the intelligence service of the Ministry of the Economy, raised an alert.

Barbaud, who played a crucial role in establishing the renowned festival, was found guilty of breaching the trust bestowed upon him. The charges against him stem from the deliberate mixing of his personal accounts with those of the festival, resulting in significant financial damage amounting to approximately 300,000 euros.

Media reports indicate that the misappropriated funds were allegedly used for personal purchases, including the acquisition of wine and works of art. The illicit actions of Barbaud have not only tarnished his reputation but have also inflicted considerable harm on the festival and its stakeholders.

The court’s decision to impose a suspended prison sentence and monetary penalty serves as a stark reminder that such fraudulent practices will not be tolerated. It sends a strong message that the integrity and financial security of events like Hellfest must be safeguarded.