How to live your passion for metal more deeply and consciously


Indulging gently in one’s passions is certainly one of the most intense pleasures of existence. Who among us would not like to spend most of our days having fun, perhaps enjoying those passions and pastimes to which we can normally only dedicate a few hours at the weekend or in our free time?

It is a lifestyle that, in all likelihood, would be universally accepted by anyone, without any problem. But the reality of our everyday life is quite different, and in most cases people are forced to spend up to seven or eight hours in an office, engaged in activities that they basically do not care about, and which only serve to be able to continue to survive, or to maintain their lifestyle outside of work.

Despite some opportune attempts to reduce the gap between the time dedicated to work and the time we reserve for ourselves, in order to find some ways to balance our lives,, most people nevertheless continue to spend most of their time working, or travelling by various means to reach their place of work.

Avoid settling

Some people seem to be content with this mutilated enjoyment, limited to weekends or occasional evenings, and spend the rest of the week trying not to think too much about the imbalance between their leisure time and their work time.

These are people who, having led this existence for years, now seem to have completely resigned themselves to a lifestyle almost solely focused on their work commitments, and only minimally on what really interests us, on those pastimes that bring us joy and well-being.

Metal fans (and music fans in general) seem to have a huge advantage over everyone else. By skilfully exploiting the potential of our auditory system, and using technological supports (such as earphones) that allow us to listen to music anywhere, anytime, these people have the rare opportunity to indulge in their passion even in the middle of the week, while on the train or in the car on the way to the office, or even while at their desk, perhaps during a short break or to interrupt a particularly intense and stressful work session.

But to appreciate your musical passion even more, and to make its enjoyment even more pleasant, one could perhaps suggest alternating the moments of listening with those dedicated to other equally useful activities, which will later function as true amplifiers of your passion in life.

Instead of listening to your favourite songs all day long, you could, for example, alternate listening to them with activities that relax your mind, clearing it of all that is not needed, thus preparing it in the best possible way for the full enjoyment of music.

Breaking the rhythm of your habits, inserting some remedy related to the well-being of the body, will certainly help you to appreciate your passion more, to live it in a more conscious manner. Those who listen to music all day long, in fact, almost end up not paying attention to it any more, considering it as just any background noise present in our daily routine.

If, on the other hand, the moments of listening are interspersed with other beneficial activities, this monotonous rhythm will be completely broken, and you will be able to fully enjoy your passion.

Some advice

Before engaging in a pleasurable activity (such as listening to music), one should always try to free one’s mind of all superfluous elements, anxieties and problems of everyday life, thus creating the perfect conditions for a complete, conscious and fulfilling enjoyment of one’s pastime.

Meditation, or even any other activity that can keep the mind occupied (such as reading, video games or other forms of entertainment) can certainly prove very useful in achieving this goal.

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With your mind perfectly clear, you will be able to enjoy your passions in ways you never even imagined.