How to Use Ezreal Effectively In LoL


Ezreal has typically been one of the most preferred bottom lane options in League of Legends. The skill shot-based kit could be due to the character’s high skill ceiling and exceptional mobility. In any given game, Ezreal is unquestionably a winner with a tremendous amount of agency. Still, the line between being a forefront, aggressive poker player, and just inting can often be razor-thin. Here is how players should approach Ezreal.


Ezreal is one of the rare ADCs who excel as front-liners in the gameplay. Due to Ezreal’s kit’s naturally short-lasting nature, players are practically pushed into this role. Players need to get in their opponent’s face for both the Mystic Shot and Essence Flux. Of course, it will put them at risk of being caught off guard, and it may be necessary for someone to keep track of their opponent’s hard engagements. Fortunately, for Ezreal mains, the Arcane Shift contains a sort of ‘safety net.’ Arcane Shift is not as good at closing gaps or escaping as the summoner spell Flash, but it can quickly help players get out of sticky situations. When it comes to dealing ‘poke’ damage, Ezreal shines. When delivering damage as Ezreal, the main aim is not always to kill; however, one should take advantage of these opportunities like any ADC. A major advantage is that a good Ezreal build shines in the moments leading up to a major neutral, objective battle when Mystic Shots decimate the health of frontline tanks and carriers alike. Engages are either extremely difficult or disadvantageous for the other team as a result of this. With this great mobility, one should prioritize dealing rapid damage or even baiting out engagements.

Spells & Combos

Because a player’s Mystic Shot will operate as their primary damage dealer alongside the auto-attacks, a big portion of the early game points will go into it. When Essence Flux is accessible, it should always be the initial skill shot. The extra damage from attacking a ‘fluxed’ adversary can add up to a lot of chunk damage. Most adversaries will be incapacitated by this combination, particularly later in the game, but if a player is just barely unable to finish them out, they have a few alternatives. The first is R (Trueshot Barrage), their ultimate, capable of shooting adversaries from across the map or just seconds away. One’s summoner spell flash and ability combo are the second. Not only can Flash and Mystic Shot extend Ezreal’s very narrow range, but they also provide players an advantage over unwary, fleeing enemies. In addition, flashing the Mystic Shot cancels the animation, allowing the projectile to emerge faster. By incorporating one’s Arcane Shift into the mix, players can further extend their range. To reiterate, this is best used when the target is already injured; one can comfortably finish the kill. Otherwise, players risk overextending because either their Arcane Shift will be down or they will not be able to get out of range.

Itemization & Runes

Ezreal wields a large number of spells, which has an impact on his itemization. Divine Sunderer should be one’s initial item rush because it not only gives a lot of ability haste, but it also contributes to Ezreal’s damaging diversification by providing both AD and extra Magic penetration. A player will need to take Manamune after they obtain their boots. The item has long been a mainstay of Ezreal’s arsenal, as the large gain in mana will help anyone unleash a volley of skill shots. The item choices should be guided by the course of one’s game from this point forward. Frozen Heart is a defense item that provides additional mana and protection, effectively preventing players from ever running out of mana. Ravenous Hydra will provide players additional AD damage to even out their damage profile and will help them overcome their wave clear and range deficit significantly. Ezreal is one of the ADCs who choose Conqueror because the sheer number of ‘basic spells’ one will be casting will quickly rack up stacks. Presence of Mind will be especially useful early on, as damage returns a percentage of one’s mana pool, whereas Bloodline can help players sustain longer. Coup de Grace is also useful because it allows players to finish weakened targets that they will have previously chunked down. Magnaflow Band and Transcendence should round out one’s runes, with Sorcery filling the last place. Finally, Ezreal is a high-octane, aggressive champion who is both rewarding and punishable. Follow this guide and press with confidence to get the most out of Ezreal.