Imperial Demonic – Beneath the Crimson Eclipse Review

One of the many things that I say here is that I love, just love, albums that are opened with that scream from the very depths of the lungs wrapped with a killing earthshaking drumming. “The Furnace,” “Beneath the Crimson Eclipse” opening track has both. By the way, this album is one in a million because it brings back the speed and velocity to Metal drumming, a very important feature that I guess bands forgot for a while. But fear not speed and velocity lovers, Imperial Demonic are here to put it back in their right place. “Beneath the Crimson Eclipse” is damn fast. It’s really grateful to listen to the relentless bass lines which sound as a damn machine gun with its non-stop spitting bullets. It’s interesting how Imperial Demonic kept all other modern Black Metal features and blended with them the speed. It’s not that modern Black Metal doesn’t deal with speed. It’s juts that the speed isn’t as present as it used to be.

Ok, now about the album. It’s not that rare to have the drumming as the main part of an album, but the pinnacle of “Beneath the Crimson Eclipse.” Cameron Åhslund-Glass teaches a lesson on Extreme Metal drumming. With album opener “The Furnace” the man teaches how to maintain the speed only by slowing down the beats on the snare drum. Let’s say he cuts the speed in half maintaining the bass drums at the same speed when vocals come. For that, but not only, the album is maintained in a high octanized cadence and mood as Black Metal requires to be. Only “The Path of Night” will have a more cadenced speed with a more melodic grip. Well, only at the beginning because all hell breaks loose – hum, redundant? – again until the end. All five tracks go in a rush though they all are more than five minutes long.

An album for Extreme Metal fans who love drumming. The drums here really make a difference.

Imperial Demonic “Beneath the Crimson Eclipse” will be released on April 07th via Black Lion Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Furnace
  2. Ways of the Secular Flesh
  3. The Path of Night
  4. Dawn of the Infernal Age
  5. Beneath the Crimson Eclipse

Watch “Beneath the Crimson Eclipse” official music video here: