Inflabitan – Intrinsic Review

One album, ten tracks and many Metal music conventions broken.

This week we’ve reviewed three Extreme Metal albums in a role. It was a great opportunity  and willing or not there always a comparison. “Intrinsic” was the one which surprised the most for many reasons. One of the things that sparked my attention the most was the multitempo structures that Inflabitan used in many tracks. I explain. Multitempo is when ome instrument is in a tempo and the others – or other – are in another tempo. In fact, some bands do it with the drums and the guitars, but Inflabitan do with vocals as well. It’s a very difficult thing to do because our tendency is to follow the master tempo and most are confused by the multiple tempos in a song. I won’t say the band does that in all songs which would be really fantastic, but they do it for some time. However, if my child of the night pays close attention, vocals tend to follow the same tempo path in all tracks. Again it may sound easy but, in fact, we tend to follow the tempo of the instruments. Pay close attention to “Crown of Horns” and the following “Egocide” whose guitar licks are incredible. By the way, the guitar in “Intrinsic” is also a highlight due to the intricate constructions built and no guitar solos. Talking about the guitars, pay attention to the complex and intricate drumming – hahahahahahaha got you! – in “Introvert Vile Domain” where the fan may see what I said before about the multitempo.

Inflabitan aren’t considered a Technical Death Metal band nor “Intrinsic” as of a complex playing, but they do deserve the title. Besides all the 1980s and 1990s references there’s something new about them which is the complexity and the tend to break conventions as it’s possible to check out in “The Evil Mainframe” whose tempo are puzzling and the plot twists amazing. It seems as if Inflabitan couldn’t perform in the conventional way. “Intrinsic” is worth listening for this all and much more. To me it sounds more technical than many albums that claim to be technical. Yes, I said it.

P.S.: “Children of the Damned” isn’t an Iron Maiden’s cover.

Inflabitan “Intrinsic” will be released on February 26th via Soulseller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Mental Radiation Fix
  2. Avanti Cristo
  3. Crown of Horns
  4. Egocide
  5. Divine Prostitution
  6. Introvert Vile Domain
  7. Symbols
  8. The Evil Mainframe
  9. The Great Surrender
  10. Children of the Damned

Watch “Symbols” official video here:

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