Interview with Alcides Burn

Metal Addicts – Today we are interviewing Brazilian artist Alcides Burn, the author of many arts for renowned bands around the world, check this out:

First of all, thank you very much for your time.  Observing your website ( we noticed that you were the author of many arts for countless worldwide recognized bands, like Krisiun, Blood Red Throne, Lock Up, Keep of Kalessin and others. Which one of your arts was the most special and for what reason?

Alcides Burn – Hello, first I would like to thank you for the opportunity.

All my arts are special, I have a huge affection for them, but some were really cool, like the art I created for Keep of Kalessin, that opened a lot of doors for me, also Merch’s that I created for Lock Up recently, which is a band that I am very fan, but they are all special, they are part of my history.

Metal Addicts – Tell us a little about your techniques for developing your designs. Do you change them according to what the bands are looking for?

Alcides Burn: It depends a lot. Generally the work is created and executed in the same way, but when some things are more specific I change them, like the art of the Revolta Project that I did recently. Revolta Project are a group formed by Ratos de Porão’s João Gordo, Krisiun’s Moyses Kolesne, Nervosa ‘s Prika, Torture Squad’s Beaver, Entombed AD’s Guilherme and Iggosr Cavalera. I had created an art and at the eleventh hour they thought it should be something more like the arts of Terrorizer, Napalm Death, something with more aesthetics of collages, so I made inspired by Terrorizer  “World Downfall” but with current elements of the sh* that’s going on in Brazil.

Metal Addicts – How has the demand for artists been during the coronavirus crisis? Do you believe that the social distancing is giving bands more time to work on their music and pay more attention to their releases?

Alcides Burn: Well, in this coronavirus crisis I tried to reinvent myself, I started studying video and digital painting, I took painting courses  with Rafael Tavares, a great artist here in Brazil.

Regarding to my work, I have nothing to complain about, I did and continue to do a lot. I have a full schedule until december.

Metal Addicts – About the last question, how is Brazilian scenario dealing with this social distancing?

Alcides Burn: Shows are out, right, some bands are performing Lives, but it is not the same thing. Now live shows are coming back, but with restrictions. I work at a big festival in Brazil, Abril Pro Rock, whose dates are set for April 2nd and 3rd but we still don’t know what will happen in the future.

Metal Addicts – Brazil has recently gone through a major political and institutional crisis. How do you think current Brazilian political moment, which flirts openly with fascism, is influencing music?

Alcides Burn: Honestly, I can’t watch the news. There are a lot of bad things happening. I can’t believe it, some people were brainwashed to vote for such an imbecile. It’s so sad to see the people applauding the s**t that this guy talks and does, a government full of militiamen, corruption, racism, homophobia, so I tried not to keep watching to the news.

Regarding to music, without a doubt, Revolta are the biggest example that may have suggested that year, a brutal letter created by João Gordo that is a slap in the face of these idiots who idolize this worm, besides them, many bands like Ratos de Porão, Manger Cadavre, Desalmado, and so many others that go against all the bad things that are happening here.

Metal Addicts – Back to the services BURN ARTWORKS provides. Its aim is not only album art, but also merchandising, concerts and even lyric videos, right? Is there any other area in which you work that is not specifically with art in Brazil?

Alcides Burn: Everything involves art whatsoever, because as I mentioned at Abril Pro Rock I am a designer, curator and producer, all my activities today revolve around art.

Metal Addicts – I heard you also have a band. Is that correct? If so, could you tell us about?

Alcides Burn: I had several. Now I have only 2 projects, one is called Vermiis and we are going to release an album next year. The other one is called Witcherism which I’ll start working on next year. The first is pretty much death metal and the other has a more melodic line and drags to black metal.

Metal Addicts – What are your main influences in the art and music fields and also in drawing?

Alcides Burn: Everything around me touches me; movies, music, especially death metal, landscapes, Brazilian and international artists.

Metal Addicts – Are there any projects for the rest of 2020 that you would like to bring to us?

Alcides Burn: Next year I will start selling some prints of my art too and other products related to my work. And there’s a lot of cool stuff going on, but for now I can’t disclosurethem, but soon you will have news.

Metal Addicts – Thank you very much for the interview. Any final considerations?

Alcides Burn: Once again I thank you for this opportunity. Promoting artists, bands and everything related to heavy metal is very important, it is our world and everything that comes for it is welcome.

Anyone who wants to know more about my work can follow me on instagram and facebook: @alcidesburn or visit my website