Interview with Crowned In Earth


“Metempsychosis” it’s the upcoming album from British progressive rock band Crowned in Earth and it will be released on January 19. “Metempsychosis” is a nice, solid rock album that’ll have even you veterans of (for lack of better example) Pink Floyd tapping your foot and trying to sing along to the lyrics in happiness.

We recently spoke to their mainman Kevin Lawry and here’s what he had to say:

Can you tell us couple words to describe Crowned In Earth?

“Crowned In Earth is a progressive rock band specialising in our unique blend of Progressive Space Jazz Fusion!”

Tell us about the recording sessions for the new album? Where did you record and how long did it take?

“The recording were spread out between my home studio in the UK and two studios in the States. The initial writing for the album took about a year. This was to get all the songs flowing nicely between the different sections in them. The recordings were spread out over a similar period as until I had all the songs demoed, Darin and Pug couldn’t learn and rehearse their parts. It’s a long process with the distance between us all but Brian Anthony is a genius and brings it all together marvellously!”

Can you describe your writing process and what inspire you to write this kind of lyrics?

“I’ve never overly analysed my writing process as it’s very organic. What I play is what comes naturally when I pick up a guitar. The lyrics are about everyday life events and nature as I spend a lot of time in the countryside.”

What are your influences?

“My influences range from the prog greats such as Camel, Genesis and Van Der Graff Generator to fusion bands like Weather Report and then more eclectic acts like Novalis, Soft Machine and Sperrmüll. There’s a broad range of styles that come into play when I write my music!”

What are you listening to at the moment that you would like to recommend?

“I’m listening to Wooden Shjips right now and I highly recommend them! Their latest, ‘Back To Land’ is an exceptional pyche rock album! I’ve recently been impressed by bands such as Wolf People, Purson and EYE! Some great old albums which I think everyone needs to hear are ‘Nursery Cryme’ by Genesis, Camel’s ‘Moonmadness’ and Mike Oldfield’s ‘Ommadawn’.”

Do you have some pre-show rituals?

“I’ve never played live as Crowned In Earth but I imagine I would be found back stage drinking a cup of tea to chill out before show time!”

Are you happy with how “Metempsychosis” turned out?

“I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to making albums which can make them a fun but exhausting experience.On the whole I’m very happy with how ‘Metempsychosis’ turned out! In fact, of all the albums I’ve made, I believe this one stands head and shoulders above everything!”

Are you planning for a tour any time some?

“At the moment, CIE remains a solo project but I’m seriously considering putting together a live band. I like the thought of playing live as I think songs like ‘Travelling Road’ could sound beyond epic live. It all depends on whether the interest in there really. I would say keep a close eye on the band for developments there!”

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