IRON MAIDEN’s BRUCE DICKINSON Sings ‘Revelations’ A Capella

During a workshop in Madrid promoting his new book “What Does This Button Do. An Autobiography” Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson was convinced by some fans to show them his vocal abilities. So, for everyone’s pleasure and astonishment, he started to sing “Revelations” a capella.

In a conversation with Eddie Trunk (as transcribed by UG), Bruce talked about the meaning of the title of his book. He said:

“It is what people say when they get into an airplane cockpit or they get into a flight simulator or whatever, and the first thing, like, people have never been in one before, they go, ‘What all these buttons do?’, you know. And so pilots always make a joke out of it, like, you know, ‘I don’t know, let’s see, hmm, what does this button do?’.

“And I thought that was kind of a metaphor for my life because, basically, I’ve lived my life by the philosophy of, ‘Oh, I wonder what happens if I do this,’ you know. In a bizarre way, the book almost looks like there was an intention behind everything, but actually, it’s kind of random.”

Watch the video here: