Jaodae – Nest of Veins Review

From time to time, we get an album that is so different from the standards we usually get here that it turns out to be almost mandatory to review it. By the way, as we’re talking about different music, just the other day I was complaining about the lack of Jazz Rock bands or Jazz Rock influences in bands today. I really miss all the groove and avant-garde instrumentals Jazz Rock used to deliver with a heaviness being added as a spice. In fact, the term Jazz Rock is used to a hodgepodge of genres that were mixed with a basis of a free understanding Jazz with Latin rhythms and percussion with a heavy but technical drumming and Rock guitars. The thing about Jazz Rock is really this glimpse of heaviness that came depending on the artist in the guitars, in the drums or other instrument. Besides Free Jazz, it was the coolest thing in musical terms that happened in the 1970’s. So, here we get Jaodae’s “Nest of Veins” which is a great surprise as it could be considered a mix between Jazz Rock and Progressive Metal. My guess is that Jaodae’s intent was to build a Progressive Metal basis and increment it with polyrhythms, out of the box effects and moods. The outcome was “Nest of Veins” which, in my opinion, sounds as Jazz Rock as it came to be.

Jaodae were founded in 2016 to compose with a diverse musical palate drawing inspiration from multiple genres to bring a distinctive edge to their sound. Their intricate song structures are peppered with soaring melodies and crushing breakdowns. “Nest of Veins” journeys through melodic ebbs and flows, accompanied with an intense heaviness.

The band captured this intense need of musical diversity and put it all together in the album in tracks like “Tree of Ténéré” with the sweet piano that makes it sounds a little more standard. The guitars of “The Sirens of Titan” are a bit heavier than the usual of the album, but with that spice that comes from the chordly riffing with some more groove in the rhythm. The superoverloaded drive of the song gives it the heavy sound that approaches it to Prog Metal to some. From where I’m standing, if we were in the 1970’s it would be considered Jazz Rock. Just saying. However, it was the guitars of album warmer “Lobotomite” that got me by the guts. It was the way they have a dialogue with the drums that made me decide to review the album. Here in this track my dear child of the night will find a pretty peculiar use of a saxophone. It’s just an instant, but it’s remarkable.

I highly recommend my dear child of the night to listen to “Nest of Veins” just because it delivers a alternative approach of heavy music. By different approach I mean influences that come from other origins than Classical music so praised in Metal album. “Prognostications” has a spice that I’d love my dear fan to get to it.

Jaodae “Nest of Veins” will be released on July 07th via Black Throne Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Lobotomite
  2. Prognostications
  3. The Arsonist Has a Name
  4. Nest of Veins
  5. Bog Body
  6. Agafia
  7. Cantiga 166
  8. The Sirens of Titan
  9. Tree of Ténéré

Watch “Nest of Veins” official lyric video here: