JEFF SCOTT SOTO On MALMSTEEN’S Controversy ‘He Doesn’t Need a Lead Singer. He Doesn’t Even Need a Band. He Can Do Everything Himself, and God Bless Him For It.’

Former Malmsteen’s lead singer Jeff Scott Soto talked to Blabbermouth Eric Blair on why he started singing. Soto said that he wouldn’t be one more fall into the whole fodder of anti-Yngwie and putting him down. He said:

“I think he’s right. He doesn’t need a lead singer. He doesn’t even need a band. He can do everything himself, and God bless him for it.

“I’m not going to fall into the whole fodder of anti-Yngwie and putting him down the way he seems to be putting everybody else down. If that’s what he wants, God bless him. Follow that path.

“I’m doing my own thing. I can’t read into his head, and there really is no relationship left between us, unfortunately. I would like there to be – I don’t like enemies in the world; I don’t like unrest. I want peace and love. We’re a brotherhood.

“Especially in the music business, it’s supposed to be a brotherhood. I want everybody to get along and hopefully, someday we will patch things up. For now, it’s broken, and God bless him – just do what he’s doing.”