JEFF WALKER Says ‘TOM HANKS Used To Play CARCASS To His Friends’

Jeff Walker Tom Hanks

During a recent interview with Metal Hammer magazine, Jeff Walker was asked who’s the most unlikely CARCASS fan that he’s ever met.

“I remember years ago reading in a magazine that Tom Hanks used to have parties in Beverley Hills, and that he used to play Reek Of Putrefaction to his friends,” he said. “Maybe some softarse got it wrong and they meant [reputed death metal fan] Jim Carrey. Or maybe my memory has just made it up.”

Walker also revealed that he got a call from MORBID ANGEL offering him to replace David Vincent who left the band in 1996.

“I did get the odd phone call. MORBID ANGEL’s manager asked if I was interested in flying out to Florida ’cos David Vincent had left that band. I was, like, ‘No, you’re alright mate.’ Why would I want to go from CARCASS to another band in that style?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Walker talked about band’s reunion in 2008, saying: “I saw EMPEROR playing in LA and I texted Bill [Steer, CARCASS guitarist], saying: ‘I don’t mean to be rude, but we really should think about reforming CARCASS.’ I’d been playing with BRUJERIA and promoters were asking me about CARCAS. That’s where I was coming from: ‘Why am I being a hired gun when there’s a demand for my own band?’ Mike [Amott, former CARCASS/current ARCH ENEMY guitarist] was hitting us up as well — I think people were bugging him about us as well. So me and him started bugging Bill about it. We were getting offers for money that we’d never seen in our lives. We didn’t realise how important the band had been to people.”

On his relationship with Bill, Jeff said: “We both bring something out in each other that makes Carcass work. It’s a Hetfield-Ulrich situation. You can see the dynamic with those two guys – they don’t really love each other, but they’re co-dependent. Hetfield brings something to the table that Ulrich can’t, and the other way round. That’s like me and Bill.”

CARCASS‘ latest album, Torn Arteries, was released on September 17 via Nuclear Blast Records.