Joe Robinson – My Technology Review

First thing that comes to mind listening to Joe Robinson “My Technology” is the vocals sound a bit out. But it’s that kind of out that the fan gets used after some time. On the other hand, my dear child might not know, but sometimes singers give some notes out just to give the song a different mood. Funny thing is that when we reviewed their album “Faith” this feature wasn’t noticed.

When comparing both albums, what is inevitable since the short gap of time between the two of them, my dear child of the night will notice that “My Technology” is pretty heavier with a good foot on the Hard and Heavy. Tracks as “No Comprise” are pretty heavy with a big guitar riff. The riff gets pretty near to Judas Priest “Painkiller” era. Or, to a band that has more to do with Joe Robinson, Skidrow from “Monkey Business” era. “Empty Promisses” has also a pretty interesting initial guitar riff that gets faster in a sudden to give the song some more pepper. Listening to grand finale “A Word of Warning” I guess that the thing with the vocals is that they were recorded pretty above the instrumentals. I mean, here it’s possible to feel that the instrumentals’ sound is pretty lower than vocals. Being on the highlight maybe gives this out impression I’ve felt.

“My Technology” is an album for the fans of Hard and Heavy bands. Even though the tittle, the album sounds as if it were recorded in the 1980’s. From where I’m standing there is no better honor for a Hair Metal band in the world. Just listen to the Dokken riffed “I Walk Alone” and try to tell me I’m wrong.

Joe Robinson “My Technology” was released in July.

Track Listing:

  1. I Walk Alone
  2. My Technology
  3. Prying Eyes
  4. The Shadow
  5. This Love
  6. So It Goes
  7. Wildest Dreams
  8. No Compromise
  9. Slaver of Deceit
  10. Empty Promises
  11. Forgive It, Forget It
  12. A Word of Warning

Watch official lyric video here: