JOEY JORDISON: I Will Never Take Loyalty Of SLIPKNOT Fans For Granted, But That Band Is None Of My Business Now

Drummer Joey Jordison talked about his breakup and current relationship with SLIPKNOT, stressing that the loyalty of the band’s fanbase is something he will never take for granted. He told Rhythm Magazine:

The Slipknot fanbase has remained fiercely loyal to you since your split with the band. It must be humbling to have an army of followers as strong as that…

“It is so humbling. I don’t take anything for granted. When I got diagnosed with that BS transverse myelitis, that stuff is no joke. What I went through really is not anyone’s business but it needs to be seen and spoken about.

“But the fact that after everything that has happened that those Slipknot fans are still there for me, that means so much and I love them very much. I want them to know that I will never leave their side. I will always be there for them, no matter what.”

Does that loyalty make your split from Slipknot all the more disappointing?

“You know what, it really is none of my business. I just stick to my side and I am just concentrating on Vimic and Sinsaenum. I’m not really concerned with Slipknot right now.

“Sometimes in life you reconcile, sometimes you never reconcile, but the thing is that I now have other fish to fry and things to do. I love those guys very much, there is not a piece in my hatred in my heart towards any of them, I love them.”

But, you’re certainly not sat around waiting for the call from Slipknot…

Dave Lombardo was out of Slayer for a long time and then he came back and ruled it better than ever before. Maybe some day, who knows? But right now, I’ve got other stuff to do.”