Kalmen – Funeral Seas

It’s a rainy day. Better yet, it’s been raining for almost three weeks. Perfect to hear something like this Kalmen “Funeral Seas” which has the perfect mood, if you know what I mean. It’s dark, it’s somber, it’s apocalyptic, it’s lugubrious, it’s macabre. Each note hits hard on your state of plastic happiness produced by the ‘happy’ mass media. You want to get away from the reality Kalmen bring it up to you. It’s useless because you know they are true. It’s only a face of this sad and lonely world we live in. Maybe Kalmen are the poor reality we live in. “Funeral Seas” shows us that there is much more. We know so little of life and even though we are so proud. Poor little mortals with your false impression of the world. We pity you. We know that all the hate you have is because you envy us.

“Funeral Seas” is of seven tracks and as all their peers, the tracks are long. To be long or short is just a matter of how the band deals with it. It’s the mood within and how the tune evolves. Kalmen do it better. “Uninfinite Black” is the shortest with ‘only’ three minutes, but it is also the fastest. Opening track “Spectral” is the longest with ten minutes and also the darkest with a lugubrious voice that haunts the listener. Don’t listen before going to bed! You can have bad dreams. Justin Bieber can be in it. And doing that what he calls singing. What did you think it was a headbanger bad dream? Unicorns?

Most dark doom bands have a simple instrumental. Kalmen also do, but in “Swansong” it gets a bit more complex. The song has great ups and downs that enlighten the song. The same happens to “Arcane Heresies” which fingered guitar parts are amazing giving the exact mood Kalmen want. It is the most gothic track of “Funeral Seas.” It sounds pretty much like some 1980s gothic band. It changes a lot the mood of “Funeral Seas” with those vocals full of despair and pain. Life is complex.

Kalmen “Funeral Seas” was released on October 05th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Spectral
  2. Thieving Sky
  3. Portal
  4. Uninfinite Black
  5. Swansong
  6. Arcane Heresies
  7. Searenade

Watch “Searenade” official video here: