KHNVM – Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky Review

This “Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky” is the third KHNVM album we have the pleasure to review here. An extremely rare case of a band whose all albums had the unparalleled chance of being reviewed here. The first was 2019’s debut “Foretold Monuments of Flesh,” then came its following 2021’s sophomore “Portals to Oblivion” and now this supreme ode to suffering. By the way, “Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky” doesn’t lack not even a bit of the power and carnage its predecessors delivered. It’s the same powerhouse of blatant musical violence the band has delivered before. Coherent bands are the top notch of Metal music, if you know what I mean. I guess the only difference now are the oriental music moments the album gets here and there, but not inside the music. The truth is that those moments are something aside as in “Hourglass of Decadence II.”

Album warmer “Awakening the Inner Alchemy I” brings me memories from the very first Extreme Metal bands I’ve ever heard back then in the 1980s -wow, it’s been so far now. The same thristy for blood with the same prone to a blind rage expressed in violent music themes. The track is of a fast violence that only a few bands are able to reproduce these days. It’s not only the drumming, but also vocals and the guitars with those sharp and lethal riffings that were pretty common in the good old days. Despite “Awakening the Inner Alchemy I” the album delivers a pretty modern facete with tracks that follow the modern demise and mayhem. Grand finale and the sequence of album warmer “Awakening the Inner Alchemy II” is a reflexion of all this. The track delivers a modern instrumental with the characteristic intricate and complex playing. Tittle track “Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky” also follows this angle capturing the other slower corrosive facete of the band. Even the slower themes of KHNVM sound as brutal as the faster ones.

“Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky” is a fantastic album for both old school and modern Death Metal fans. It showcases both versions of the same band. Not many bands can do that with such prowess as KHNVM do.

KHNVM “Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky” was released on June 23rd via Neckbreaker Records / Bitter Loss Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Awakening the Inner Alchemy I
  2. Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky
  3. Hourglass of Decadence I
  4. From the Depths Of Duat
  5. Grand Evisceration
  6. Hourglass of Decadence II
  7. Awakening The Inner Alchemy II

Watch “Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky” official lyric video here: