King Satan – Occult Spiritual Anarchy Review

The very first band that comes to my mind to recall King Satan is Lordi. Both are a pure outcome of European Dark Glam Metal with a strong addition of those electronica keyboards as electronica is very strong in Europe. As a parallel I may quote bands as Nine Inch Nails with stronger Industrial elements. I guess those bands acan give my dear fan an idea of what there is here in “Occult Spiritual Anarchy” an album whose tittle could make my fan think of a Black Metal band. Ok, fair enough, but as I’m known as the rain on parade I have to say these elements such as the occult and the devil worshipping isn’t exactly new. Just remember that Black Sabbath is told to be the first Heavy Metal band with all those elements in their imagery. So are Dark Glam Metal bands.

The music in here is dark. Just pay attention to the album tittle and to the tittles of the tracks. Obviusly to the name fo the band as well. Musicwise King Satan opted for some kind of cacophony. Yeah, cacophony. The outcome of so many elements of electronica keyboards and Metal guitars give the band a very particular heavyness. Harsh and acid vocals added. In a cacophony as one can see here thare are various elements and that’s exactly what my dear fan will find here. Go ahead and listen first to tittle track “Spiritual Anarchy ’22” the track that resumes everything that can be told about the band’s music. That typical demon debauchery with insane and sick instrumemtals. Moreover, following track “Outro (Clowning is Serious Business)” is the demon debauchery itself almost a capella. I have to say that this “Occult Spiritual Anarchy” gave me the creeps. Especially when I heard “The Pagan Satan.” The guitar solo is fantastic.

“Occult Spiritual Anarchy” is a kind of linear album from head to toe. The mix the band does is present in all tracks. King Satan’s secret is to balance both elements of electronica keayboarding and Metal guitars. As I’ve said before this is a flaming combination. The carefull production guaranteed the same prominence to both, a very difficult thing to do. King Satan are a spoonful If you’re into this kind of combination. Be carefull not to get addicted.

King Satan “Occult Spiritual Anarchy” was released on April 08th.

Track Listing:

  1. . Left Hand Path Symphony

  2. The Faces of the Devil

  3. The Pagan Satan

  4. Devs Ex Satanas

  5. Human Sacrifice

  6. This is Where the Magick Happens

  7. Beyond God

  8. Demon Made Flesh

  9. The Devil’s Opera

  10. Spiritual Anarchy ’22

  11. 11. Outro (Clowning is Serious Business)

Watch “The Pagan Satan” official video here: