KISS’ GENE SIMMONS: Music Fans Killed Music

KISS bassist Gene Simmons condemned fans for destroying young bands’ chances of success, telling 94.7 WCSX (via Blabbermouth):

“The business is dead.

“Not for us – we can continue to tour, and The Stones can continue to play the songs everybody loves and so can Paul McCartney.

“But for a new band, it’s dead.

“You have to give away your music for free, because generations of fans have been trained – shamefully – not to pay for music. Download, fileshare, view – I don’t care what you call it – the truth is new bands don’t have a chance.

“In terms of writing, sure, I write all the time. In fact, a few weeks ago, Ace [Frehley] and I sat down and we wrote two things for his next record, which is gonna be coming out whenever he says.

“So writing happens all the time, and in my box set, which is gonna come out – oh, I don’t know – before the end of the year, there are gonna be hundreds of songs.

“But the actual business of it? No, it’s dead. It’s dead. Because the fans won’t pay for music.”