Kobold – Chaos Head Review

Kobold’s music is really something to note. Besides being exciting and enthusiastic, Kobold are a band with one foot in the glorious 1980’s Thrash metal past, but the other foot is the even more glorious present. I guess, for what I’ve hearing here for some time, for a Thrash Metal band this really is a kind of paradox as many of them are stuck in the 1980’s glorious past. The band’s combination is really something exotic as they combine many elements from Metal music and even not from it. It’s fair to say that they also have a foot on the experimentation vibe as “Merciful Angel” showcases the fan with its electronic effects, clean guitars to, in a sudden burst, go into a chaotic a la Sepultura guitar massive sonic mess. Another impression I got from it is that the more I hear it, the more it reminds me of Crossover stars Nuclear Assault, a feature that they also had. Intro “Behold the Acid Lords” tells this tale from the beginning with all its ethereal space driven electronic effects. By the way, it’s tittle track “Chaos Head” that gives the stronger impression about Nuclear Assault influences. It’s frentic punching and acid vocals do address a lot to the band.

Frentic is a term that really defines the music my dear child of the night will find in here. Pungent may also represent some ideas Kobold deliver as well. A musical assault would be, to some extent, redundant I believe. Pay attention to the main guitar riff. See how they go in such a relentless way to even make the fan a little bit dizzy. Following track “Medieval Cam-Whore Punk’s” intro has a clean guitar that reminds Red Hot Chili Peppers, another band known for their frentic style. It’s interesting how the band does the interchange from this part to the really frentic one. Hearing it makes me wonder if the band couldn’t be a valid reference to Kobold’s music. I guess it could.

From the 1980’s Thrash Metal Kobold also bring that debauchery mood that bands as Anthrax used to have. They are serious, but at the same time, they don’t want to be serious all the time. This can be seen by the band’s mascot and from their album covers. To some extent, this mood is also used in songs as “Dead Flower Children” who sounds to be a hidden mockery. Or, at least, try to be.

“Chaos Head” is a great album to notice Thrash Metal’s evolution. Kobold should be taken more seriously about their slant on making Thrash Metal evolve to this new challenging times.

Kobold “Chaos Head” will be released on August 11th.

Track Listing:

  1. Behold the Acid Lords
  2. Chaos Head
  3. Medieval Cam-Whore Punk
  4. Dead Flower Children
  5. Fractal Minds
  6. Liminal Space
  7. Kali Yuga
  8. Celestial Gates
  9. Merciful Angel
  10. 666 Litara Rakije (Karakondzula Cover)

Watch “Chaos Head” official lyric video here: