Kringa – Feast upon the Gleam

First thing sparks with opening track is the initial seconds of  “As Kaleidoscopic Patterns Arise” is that if it were a bit faster it would remind much more Judas Priest’s “Freewheel Burning” initial riff. It is important to mention this because “Feast upon the Gleam” is a melt of techniques that Kringa do with mastery. Long story short, in the album prevails two techniques; the ones from Old School Heavy Metal , and the ones from Extreme Metal. There are still small dashes of Hardcore in tracks like “Cloak of Unbound Fears” with its pungent modal riffing.

Mostly, the Extreme Metal techniques are vocal related. Of course, that’s not all, “Feast upon the Gleam” is much more than meets the eye. Common instrumental techniques as lower tones and exotic scales are also of use of Kringa in “Feast upon the Gleam.” This variety, and alternance, of sonances are what makes the album so great and interesting to listen to. “Feast upon the Gleam” is an album that doesn’t bore the fan. Track are very different from each other and they all have their proper way of being. Each track reserves the fan a surprise that may arise even the most hard senses that couldn’t feel them. “Feast upon the Gleam” must be heard with all the senses on.

Ah, I forgot about another feature used in “Feast upon the Gleam” that gives it all the fun and makes it an interesting album. They are the tribal vocals found in “As Kaleidoscopic Patterns Arise.” In fact, they can be found throughout the album in small doses. This bounce of different sonorous influences and references spices a lot the album making it at the same time complex and defying because the fan never knows what comes next. A very healthy way of making an album, I must say. It’s really impossible to know what you’ll get after all.

Kringa “Feast upon the Gleam” was released on August 21st via Terratur Possessions.

Track Listing:

  1. As Kaleidoscopic Patterns Arise
  2. Unwind the Gap Anew
  3. To Sleep in Vermin Velvet
  4. Eroding Passage
  5. Cloak of Unbound Fears
  6. Eyes of Stone

Watch “As Kaleidoscopic Patterns Arise” official music video here: